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Isimba Hydropower Plant

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The Installation of Hydro Mechanical (HM) and Electro Mechanical (EM) Progress Well in Isimba Hydro Power Project


Installation of bridge crane in erection bay

The Installation of Hydro Mechanical (HM) and Electro Mechanical (EM) Progress Well in Isimba Hydro Power Project  

If the hydropower plant is compared to a person, then the dam will be the body, and turbine-generator unit will be the heart. With trunk’s tenacity, hold up the whole dam and control the flow of water.

Under the impetus of the water moving, turbine-generator unit is to provide a steady driving force for the whole hydropower station, giving the soul to it.

Currently, the Hydro Mechanical (HM) and Electro Mechanical (EM) installation works are carried out with highly organized. The draft tube and draft cone tube between unit 1 and unit 4 have been installed in place.


Installation of gantry crane in upstream

The installation for stay ring of unit 1 is under way, followed by runner, runner chamber, and generator units. Such installations will be done with proposed procedure in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of work. Besides, all kinds of embedded parts of gates have been installed in place.

The installation of Lower Radial Gates in Spillway SP1 is ongoing. Preliminary work for track mounting of trash rack is being done.

There have two kind cranes of both Gantry Crane and Bridge Crane, for which the installation and commissioning have been finished and the loading test for downstream gantry crane was also completed.  

183MW Isimba Hydropower Plant and Isimba-Bujagali interconnection Project is located in Busaana Sub County, Kayunga District, along Victoria Nile River and is designed mainly for power generation.


Loading test of gantry crane in downstream


The EPC Contractor of the project is China International Water & Electro Corp. (CWE). The full launch of installation for HM and EM marks that the middle-late stage of the construction of Isimba Hydro Power Project is coming.

With joint efforts of Chinese engineers and local employees, the Isimba hydropower project will be put into operation as per the project schedule.



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