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CWE: A lecture on personal exemplary deeds

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"I want to thank my Chinese colleague for their support and help. What I have done is to try my best to solve problems for my Chinese colleagues so that they can work in a stress-free environment.”

The excellent employee of CTG-CWE giving the speech at Busaana Secondary School

A lecture on personal exemplary deeds by CTG-CWE’S excellent employee (Fortunate Mbabazi) was held in Kasana Primary School and Busaana Secondary School, Kayunga District on April 19, 2017, which was organized by China International Water & Electric Corp.(CWE).

There were totally about 650 people attending this activity, including the representative of District Education Officer, Busaana Sub County Chief, Kasana LCI, Busaana LCI, Headmasters, teachers, students and villagers from local communities.

The excellent employee of CTG-CWE giving the speech at Kasaana Primary School

At the beginning of the lecture in Busaana Secondary School, all the participants made a prayer to, "pray for peace of the world, pray for health and longevity of people, pray for the friendship between China and Uganda lasting forever”.

Then, the representative of CWE gave a brief introduction about company profile of CTG and CWE, the progress of the Isimba Hydropower Project, and pointed out that the event was held to promote the mutual understanding between CWE and the surrounding communities, and to deepen Uganda locals’ knowledge about CWE and its corporate culture.

Busaana Sub County Chief giving the speech at Kasana Primary School

“CWE, as an international company, provides an open platform for all the employees, whether you are African or Asian, whether you are black or yellow skin, as long as you have a heart of enterprising, positive learning and work hard, you will be successful here.

We hope that talented Uganda people will join our company and spread our company’s culture”. The highlight of this activity is a speech given by Fortunate Mbabazi, the excellent employee of CTG.

“Actually it is not my personal honor, but is our team’s honor of Isimba Project. I want to thank my Chinese colleague for their support and help. What I have done is to try my best to solve problems for my Chinese colleagues so that they can work in a stress-free environment.”

This is a speech from the excellent employee, Fortunate Mbabazi. In the course of her speech, she shows her ordinary but touching experience in her work to everybody.

Looking back on her ordinary experience, not a thrilling adventure, nor having the moving story of blood boiling, it is only her quiet dedication spirit, diligent working attitude and character of loving work.

Fortunate Mbabazi finally expressed her gratitude to the management of CWE, she said, "I want to thank the management of CWE for its policy, giving me such a good platform, my life changed greatly;

Headmaster of Busaana secondary school giving the speech

I also thank you on behalf of all the Uganda people for what you have done. A new road near Isimba hydropower project was constructed, which is more convenient for going out.

In the past, we were afraid to go out at night but now we don't have to worry about it because of more securities arranged at the project. Nowadays, the living level is still low.

The Isimba hydropower project will bring power and light to the Uganda people then our life will be completely new, and Isimba Hydro Power Project will provide the clean energy for the industrial development." 

The representative of the local government made a speech expressing their appreciation to the Chinese government and CWE "Fellow citizens, I cannot imagine that one of our fellow Ugandan employees was awarded as the excellent employee of CTG - CWE.

It’s an honor for all of us. We should be proud of it. Here we would like to thank the Chinese friends, thank CWE for what they have done.

 Teachers, Students, Villager listening the speech at Busaana Secondary School

They construct roads, renovate schools, donate materials, provide free medical service for the local residents and we benefit from Isimba Project.

They make great contributions to our local revenues and we should welcome them to come for investment and promote the economic development of Uganda". 

Through the lecture, all the participants, including students, teachers, and villagers, were deeply touched and enlightened by the friendly, Chinese and the inclusiveness and openness of CWE corporate culture.

 - See more at: http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1452915/cwe-lecture-personal-exemplary-deeds#sthash.lTMPJD11.dpuf

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